Photography Tools At Home – Wacom Tablet

There are many tools that will increase your productivity and help with the efficiency of providing quality product. I wanted to focus on a product that may not be considered when you’re starting out in photography, but the further you get into your business the more beneficial it will become. Using a Wacom tablet in place of a mouse can assist with production as it supplies additional tools that won’t be available for you unless your utilizing a pen tablet. The bottom line here is purchasing a piece of equipment that will improve your efficiency and increase the quality of your product will only help your photography business.

If you’re unfamiliar with a Wacom tablet is, here is a quick video that describes the benefits for users – taking the place of your mouse and providing pressure sensitive touch, this tool helps to increase productivity when utilized effectively. Although Wacom can be used for a huge variety of other purposes, what we’re concerned with is how it can improve your photography business.

Below is a short comparison of four different Wacom styles:

Wacom Tablet Screenshot

As you can see, the Intuos style is great for serious photographers. The Intuos Pen and Touch Small is compact and used well with a laptop or a small screen and it is the most affordable starting at $99.99. The Intuos Pen and Touch Medium is used for a larger screen (15-21 inches) which costs $199.99.  You’ll want to keep in mind the size of your screen when purchasing a pen tablet as the size of the tablet represents the size of the visible area on your monitor. The pen and touch is basic and does not come with multi touch or an eraser tip. The Intuos Pro Range is a step up and is used for those who will be doing more than just the occasional work. Pro is available in small, medium, and large ranging in price from $249.99 to $499.99. The key benefit of the Intuos Pro range is increasing productivity. All models feature five finger multi touch input, 2,048 levels of pen pressure, express keys, a toggle ring, and wireless connectivity is standard.

It is important to know what tools are available to be efficient with your time. Although it may be difficult to make the initial switch to a Wacom tablet, the benefits will follow when you begin to elaborate on your photos in ways not possible before. Be sure to research and discover the product that is right for you.

Let me know your experience with Wacom tablets or any tips on pen tablets for photographers.


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