Photography – From a Hobby to a Business Venture

For many years I have enjoyed photography as a hobby – when I was a kid I always had a camera in my hand taking pictures of my surroundings and throughout my life I always remember the joy I felt when taking pictures. Growing up I never had anything fancy, the majority of the time it was a disposable camera and later on a simple point and shoot, but that was enough to get me through the years until I purchased my first camera that took my learning up a notch.

After graduating from college and getting my first full time, good paying job, I sucked it up and decided to make the $1,000 purchase of a DSLR that was packaged with two lenses. This may seem like a small investment to some – for me it was a big deal. I have always been one to save my money and I don’t often buy anything of substantial cost in one go. Not to mention it was hard to shake off the “starving college student” spending. I did what many photographers say not to do and I purchased a camera prior to having a any real experience or knowledge. I did my research, read reviews, and decided to purchase a Nikon D5100 – nothing too fancy but still having all the specs I needed learn the details of how to further my photography. Lucky for me, I made a good investment and purchased a camera that suited my needs. Fast forward to today – I have purchased and borrowed a number of lenses and have continued learning the importance in the details of photography. This has always been a hobby of mine but I’ve wanted to  take the next step and turn it into a business.

There are many photographers that choose to do just this, the problem is, it is easy to overlook the laws that are in place to be compliant. Having worked for state government in the past, I have seen it countless times – people want to start a business but have no clue what they need to do to be in compliance – whether it be proper licensing or paying tax. It’s easy to overlook the details if you’re not aware of the proper way to conduct your business.

Although this will be a part time gig for me, it is still important to conduct myself with credibility. In my future posts you can follow my journey of transforming my photography into a proper business and how to do so compliantly. To start off on the right foot, here are some points to keep in mind when you’re thinking of starting your own photography business:

  • What types of activities will you be performing?
  • When do you plan to start your business?
  • Where will your business be located?
  • What business structure will you have?
  • What do you plan to call your business?

Thanks for the read and I look forward to sharing this adventure with you.


2 thoughts on “Photography – From a Hobby to a Business Venture

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